Infrequently Asked Questions Part I – Deck Towels

While frequently asked questions often take the spotlight, let’s delve into the realm of infrequently asked questions. Here’s an example! PART I: Deck Towels

We frequently address commonly asked questions, yet the infrequently asked ones remain unexplored. Take, for instance, the query: Can a deck towel also serve as a beach towel? Surprisingly, no one has posed this question to us, but we’re eager to provide an answer nonetheless—yes, you can indeed use the towels intended for the deck of your super yacht on the beach!

We recommend the luxuriously thick and soft Super Pile towels from Abyss & Habidecor (1) or the Croissiere towel (6) from Yves Delorme. Additionally, the new Cannes beach towels (2) from Abyss, with their delightful colors, and the elegant Sintra (3) have captured our admiration. One of our favorites, however, has to be the Wave towel from Hermès (4). When rolled up, it boasts the iconic orange colour of Hermes, but once spread out on the beach, you can ride the cool wave without getting wet!

Whichever towel you prefer, consider pairing it with a nautical beach bag from Longchamp. Toss in some Clarins suncream (5), and voila—you’re all set to bring your deck towel to the beach! And if you’re not headed to the beach, why not take your towel to the pool instead?

1. Deck/beach/Pool Towel: Abyss Habidecor ‘Super Pile’
2. Deck/beach/Pool Towel: Abyss Habidecor ‘Cannes’
3. Deck/beach/Pool Towel: Abyss Habidecor ‘Sintra’
4. Deck/beach/Pool Towel: Wave by Hermes
5. Suncream: Clarins
6. Deck/Beach/Pool Towel: Yves Delorme ‘Croissiere’

The Combo: Pliage, Crossiere, Clarins

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