Infrequently Asked Questions Part II – Wine Glasses

While frequently asked questions are commonly discussed, we rarely delve into the realm of infrequently asked questions. Here’s an example! Part II: Wine Glasses

Can you drink white wine out of a red wine glass? No one has ever asked us this question, but the answer is: yes, you can. In fact, we would recommend it. Red wine glasses are generally larger than white wine glasses in the same range, allowing more white wine to fit. However, be cautious—if you have an oversized red wine glass, like the Superleggero Bordeaux Grand Cru from our popular Riedel Collection (1), filling it to the rim might accommodate the entire bottle, which is not its intended use.

You might assume you can drink red wine from a white wine glass, and indeed you can. For example, the hand-carved white wine glasses from the Tommy Collection by Saint Louis (2) would look splendid with a dash of red. However, be mindful of potential spills when swirling, so we recommend opting for a larger-sized red wine glass for red wine.

We’d like to mention that you can also use your wine glasses for other beverages, such as grape juice in your cute patterned wine glass from Theresienthal Glass (3), or orange juice in the silver wine tumbler from Robbe & Berking (4). This way, you can enjoy your favorite wine glasses at breakfast without consuming wine daily. However, refrain from pouring hot liquids into your wine glasses. For coffee, consider using the double-walled Pavina glasses from Bodum—they’re versatile and can also be used for wine, maintaining the temperature of both hot and cold drinks. But, let’s not stray too far from our initial content; here are some photos of other favorite wine glasses.

And please, let us know if you’ve ever used a red wine glass for your white wine!

1. Superleggero Bordeaux Grand Cru Glass by Riedel
2. Tommy Wine Glass by Saint Louis
3. Kilimandjaro Wine Glass by Theresienthal
4. Martele Wine Tumbler by Robbe & Berking
5. Pavina by Bodum

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