Infrequently Asked Questions Part III – Pink Towels

While we often address frequently asked questions, we seldom delve into those that are asked less often. Here’s another example! Part III: Pink Towels

Frequently, we find ourselves discussing commonly asked questions, but we rarely explore the realm of infrequently asked ones. For instance, have you ever inquired about our selection of fuchsia pink towels? This is indeed an infrequent query, as we’ve only been asked for pink towels twice in our history.

The most recent instance was for a Barbie-themed pool party. But before we address that, the answer is yes, we do offer pink towels. One fantastic option is the luxuriously thick and highly absorbent 700gsm Super Pile towels from Abyss Habidecor (1), which would undoubtedly delight any client seeking towels to match a Barbie-themed pool party. If you’re not attending a Barbie-themed pool party but are still interested in pink towel options, we can recommend a softer shade of pink. This shade is available in the Super Pile collection (2) and also in the thinner, long-looped Twill collection from Abyss (3).

However, if pink isn’t your preference, there’s good news because both of these collections come in approximately 58 other colors (4). Returning to the topic of pink, we’ve also fallen head over heels for the Carnaby towels from Christy (5), which are available in various shades of pink. Additionally, there are the pale pink towels from Yves Delorme’s Etoile towel (6), the salmon pink Robin towels from L’Appartement (7), and the Nude towels from Sorema ( .

As you can see, despite the rarity of requests for pink towels, we have a plethora of options. It’s always good to have this knowledge, isn’t it?

Please share your favorite shade of pink towels in the comments section! Contact us today at [email protected] and experience the difference of working with a trusted partner who is committed to finding exactly what you seek. Your dream project awaits! #YCInteriors #YachtChandlers #WorldOfPossibility #LuxuryInteriors #SuperyachtDesign #ExquisiteCraftsmanship #TailoredSolutions #PersonalizedService #ExceptionalResults #TrustedPartner #DreamProject #ConnectWithUs

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