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Welcome to YC Interiors

Looking for a trusted luxury outfitting partner to help you navigate your new build or refit project? You’ve come to the right place!

We work with yacht and residence owners, interior project managers, interior crew members and management company professionals to deliver outstanding results. We can manage, lead and deliver every single aspect of your outfitting project, ticking all the styling and practicality boxes on your unique project, and much more besides. No stress. No uncertainty. Just beautiful, bespoke outfitting solutions for luxury living at sea and onshore.

Why choose YC Interiors?

There are many reasons to choose YC Interiors as your expert, trusted partner for the luxury outfitting element of your new build or refit project. Here are just a few of them:



Profound luxury outfitting expertise, onboard and ashore

No one knows this business like we do. We have been delivering successful end-to-end, luxury outfitting solutions for new build and refit projects for 18 years. Every member of our styling team has extensive first-hand yachting and luxury hospitality industry experience. And we’re passionate about sharing all the benefits of our combined expertise with you.



Personalised service, unrivalled choice and total transparency
We’re small enough to give you a truly personal service, but big and experienced enough to handle the most ambitious of projects. Often within extremely tight timeframes. We also bring unrivalled product choice and complete transparency to the table. A unique combination of benefits for the ultimate luxury outfitting experience.


Efficient, discreet mediator for all project stakeholders

We act as the primary contact point between all project stakeholders – shipyard, subcontractors, interior designers and interior crew – to optimise operational efficiencies. We provide a clear, up-to-date view on lead-times, costs and status by item, by category and by area/room. And we treat the entire project with discretion and professionalism.

Services and processes

The core services we offer for your New Build & Refit projects are:

Design a new build yacht

Expert advice on general layout and set-up

We think through all the operational details, providing:

  • Expert guidance on service flows to maximise operational efficiencies and maintain a discreet service.
  • Meticulous checks of storage design plans to optimise the practical positioning of cupboards, drawers and compartments. We work closely with the shipyard to design customised storage solutions, ensuring every inch of space is used without compromising on the high-end look and feel.
  • Sea-fastening plans for tableware and other fragile or loose items.
  • Regular, efficient communication with the shipyard to ensure accurate design, production, delivery and installation of storage and service flow solutions.
Yacht Interior warehouse

A bespoke, end-to-end luxury outfitting service

Our profound expertise, world-class service and transparent approach serve up many benefits, including:

  • High-end, high-impact results that satisfy all your brief criteria. We tailor your ambiance, theme and style requirements to fit the unique personality and intended usage of your space.
  • Combining elegance and functionality. We ensure your solution ticks all the style and practicality boxes.
  • Commercial advantages of longstanding trade relationships. We are pleased to share the cost benefits with you.
  • Unrivalled product choice. We are constantly adding to our selections of the world’s finest products. This keeps our solutions fresh, unique and of unparalleled breadth.
  • Adding the wow factor. We do whatever it takes to create a specific atmosphere, evoke a particular emotion, or express the owner’s unique personality.
Yacht interior deliver for refit

Project management, logistics and administration

We will steer you expertly and quickly through our streamlined processes, leaving you free to confidently focus on other challenges. We offer:

  • Efficient, proven processes. We lead and manage your complete outfitting journey, guiding you expertly and quickly through the selection, procurement, delivery and installation stages of your project.
  • Transparent, up-to-date reports on costs, delivery times and status. We offer a clear view on costs, lead-times and status by item, by category and by area/room throughout the lifetime of your project.
  • Close collaboration with all project stakeholders. We act as the primary contact point between shipyard, subcontractors, interior designers and interior crew to optimise operational efficiencies.
  • Management of delivery and storage processes. Our global distribution network ensures smooth, fast procurement and delivery processes.
  • Labelling sample pieces of tableware for sea-fastening purposes. These items can be delivered on short notice to the shipyard for high-precision measuring.
Design a new build yacht

Post-sales support

We’re in all it for the long haul. Our expert support extends well beyond delivery and installation to also ensure optimal operational efficiencies going forwards. We help with:

  • Organisation of specialist staff training on how to get the most out of products and equipment.
  • Set-up of repeat order processes to save you time when it comes to replenishing and replacing items. This detailed information enables us to fast-track orders of additional items that harmonise with your existing inventory.
  • Detailed handover to interior crew prior to completion of the project including full inventory lists and usage guides.
  • Continually communicating new outfitting ideas for special occasions and regular refreshes, e.g. new table decorations and decorative accessories for Christmas, Ramadan, Jewish New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

A few highlights…

New build and refit projects

High-end residences outfitted

Happy customers in 72 countries

Employees in 4 global offices

The process

Our team of outfitting experts will steer you expertly and quickly through every stage of your luxury new build and refit styling project. Here’s how:


Your brief



Just tell us what you need
Just tell us what you need, however suits you best – by phone, email or virtual/face-to-face meeting. Give us the top-line details – budget, timeline, space usage, ambiance, theme and style – and we’ll get to work immediately.
Share your general arrangement drawings
We offer expert advice on layout and set-up based on your general arrangement drawings and architectural renderings. We provide guidance on how to optimise service flows and storage design plans, and help you devise sea-fastening plans. Your visuals also enable us to keep on track with our styling recommendations, ensuring that they’re tailor-made for your unique living space.

Our proposal



Options presented on mood boards with clear costs and lead-times

We present three different mood boards that match all your criteria. Initially focusing on main interior items, the boards offer a mix and match of brands and prices, with costings by item and by category. High-resolution images and product specifications – e.g., dimensions, materials, colour options and lead-times – are also provided. Simplifies smart, fast decision-making. Once the main items have been signed off, we then replicate this fast process for the accessories.

Easy-to-share PDF proposals

Our attractive, easy-to-understand mood boards are delivered in PDF and hard-copy format. So it’s easy to share them with owners and other relevant parties. Enables you to secure rapid feedback and sign-off.


Your feedback



We fine-tune the details until you're 100% happy with your order

Tell us what you think about our mood boards. Which particular style, brand and individual items do you like? What do you not like? Any feedback from other decision-makers? Would you like us to source other options along the same lines or go back to the drawing board?

We’ll keep fine-tuning and tweaking your preferred mood board until you’re completely satisfied with every single aspect of it. We’ll update the costs, quantities and timelines so you have a clear, up-to-the-minute view of your proposal as it evolves. Easy, quick, well-informed decision-making.

Rapid sample delivery

Let us know if you’d like samples of any of the products we recommend before making your final selection. We’ll organise for them to be delivered to you as a matter of priority.


Quality Control



Meticulous Quality Control checks plus delivery tracking
After you’ve confirmed your order, we ensure that every single item reaches you on time, in perfect condition and grouped by area/room for your convenience. All orders are carefully unpacked, checked and repacked by meticulous experts in our European and US warehouses.

We work closely with our trusted, cost-effective courier partners to track and manage shipment. And we keep you informed of its progress every step of the way, for your ultimate peace of mind. On arrival, we issue you with a complete checklist of items plus usage instructions and warranties.

Fast, easy follow-up orders

We keep all the details of your deliveries on file. So when you want to re-order an item, it’s as simple as ticking a box. And when you need additional items that harmonise with your original order, our detailed records enable us to source the perfect solution at speed. Easy, fast and incredibly efficient.

What our clients say about us…

I found their services exceptional!

“I have worked with Yacht Chandlers regularly over the last nine years and more recently I worked with them to help set up our 50m new build. I found their services exceptional! Their extensive knowledge and efficient, professional manner really made things easier for me. Communication was clear, prompt and always helpful. I have had no issue with any product supplied by them as the quality has always been to a high standard. If there was ever any minor issue, they were always great in helping sort it out. I have genuinely enjoyed working with them and would use their services again without a doubt. “

Hannah – Chief Stewardess

I highly recommend YC Interiors

“I am continuously approached by other companies trying to poach our business. However, I would never move away from YC Interiors due to the Premium Service that they provide. They are prompt with quotes and go above and beyond to get things ordered under extremely tight timeframes. Whenever deliveries arrive, I have no doubt that everything will be in impeccable order. Not only is their service amazing, their quotes and invoicing is very straightforward and easy to navigate. I highly recommend YC Interiors for any boats who are looking to find an agent for their interior needs!”

G.A. Chief Stewardess of 92M Yacht

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