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Yacht decor ideas


Stylings & Furniture

Styling is an integrated part of our interior outfitting process from start to finish, whether it is a new or existing interior decor project. Our stylists would be happy to help you with yacht decor ideas in order to update or upgrade your interior. This we do with cushions, plaids, vases, bed & bath linens and decorative table accessories, but also with interior or outdoor furniture pieces, carpets, sculptures, paintings and other unique pieces like bespoke grand pianos. We hand-pick these items based on your lifestyle, budget and personal taste, extending and integrating them seamlessly within the existing yacht décor. We love delivering these to you personally to help you find the perfect spot for all. We can visit you at your yacht or within the privacy of your own home, or we can invite you to our interior show room, located in the heart of Antibes, where we can show you all our décor ideas and collections in a calm and private environment. We provide visual presentations of yacht décor ideas and comprehensive mood boards of all our offerings making it possible to take you on a virtual tour.


Artwork is perceived differently by everyone, and therefore it is sometimes hard to identify what art matches your taste, style, design and budget. Having strong partnerships with ateliers and art professionals we will be able to get you inspired to propose you suitable art for your projects.

Yacht Uniforms

Getting into the finishing touches, yacht clothing and uniform play a significant role in show casing the image of yachts.  Using our own expertise as well as our long-lasting partnerships with yacht uniform suppliers we strive to extend the style of the owners and the vision of the yacht interior design into the total branding concept.  We offer international brands like Helly Hansen, Slam, Musto and Sperry for basic & professional wear, foul weather gear and personalized merchandize or guest giveaways. We can also propose bespoke options whereby the yacht uniform becomes a unique design tailored to any personal wishes or style.

Yacht Provisions

Yacht Chandlers is one of the most experienced and established yacht provisioner in the South of Florida, and able to fulfil all food and beverage needs for owners, charter guests and crew.  In Europe we have partnerships with several well established yacht provisioning companies in the South of France as well as in Holland and Germany. We care about your needs and strive to provide the best in service and products by hand selecting suppliers of the finest wine and spirits, gourmet and specialty goods.

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